December 31, 2016


“Not only did I fall into deep relaxation but also my body responded actively…the fast drumming pace released my leg muscles to contract rhythmically, as if running. The ‘running’ was not purposeful–neither to get to someplace nor to escape something–so I think it was for the sheer joy of running. My experience was totally positive, and I hope I can participate again.”

– Ginny

“Christin Green has been a very important presence in my first spirit journey and has remained a significant and necessary source of spiritual guidance in meditation and grounding sessions since then. Not only do I feel an immediate sense of peace and calmness as soon as she starts drumming, but there’s an instantaneous spring of spiritual energy that I was able to grab onto until I felt like I could really concentrate on my own. As a beginner in spiritual journeys, it is often an issue to feel as if “you’re doing it right,” so it was very easy for me to feel panic and as if I was simply trying to rest my eyes. Christin’s calm and ever-present drumming techniques helped center my mind, slow my breathing to match her own rhythm and reach that state of mind which made it possible for me to explore the deepest questions I didn’t even realize I had to answer. What an irreplaceable experience!”

– Katya

“There are places in ourselves that we forget to trust over time – places we are intended to live inside of our entire lives. Though we have no control over the lies we are fed that cause us to ignore these sacred spaces of intuition and connection to a higher purpose, we are given chances to reconnect with that space if we choose to seek those chances out in whatever ways we find them. Her drumming has been the most effective and restorative way to reconnect to my truest self that I have found in my adult life. Her music is as commanding as her voice is reassuring, and from the moment I met her I could tell by her initial energy that I was about to walk back down some roads I had traveled with a leader I could trust.”

– Jeremy