March 3, 2016

Drum & Sound Circles

Shamanic Journeying

tibetan-bowlShamanic journeying is a form of meditation based on the ancient ways of the shaman using a drum or other instruments (rattles, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, etc) and a spoken guidance to prompt profound “journeying” experiences. As you listen to the heartbeat of the drum, you will learn how to enter the shamanic state of consciousness to seek guidance, insight, and healing. We journey to remember our connection to the Earth and all her creatures. Journeying is an excellent way to renew your relationship with Spirit and your own soul’s gifts as well as strengthen the power of your intuition.


Shamanic Journeying Circle

drum-and-beaterA circle such as this might also involve Native American ceremony, symbolism, witnessing and sharing. The Native American teachings of the Medicine Wheel provide a guide so that we might have a deeper understanding of the seasons around us and within our own lives. Schedule a circle during one of the following seasons to connect with specific animal energies: Summer – Coyote Medicine, Winter – Buffalo Medicine, Spring – Eagle Medicine, and Fall – Bear Medicine.

Energy Exchange: $20 per person | Contact me directly for groups over 15


One-on-One Shamanic Journeying

finger-cymbalsI would be honored to drum for you and help you on your search for the gifts, messages, and wisdom that dwell within you. Each session is customized uniquely based on the needs of the individual.

Energy Exchange: $60 for a one-hour session


Drum Circles

drumsI believe we are all life drummers, meaning I believe we were intended to raise the vibrations in our world in many different ways. Participating in a drum circle allows you to raise the vibration with a collective of seekers. This is a safe space with no skill requirements. Simply come with your heartbeat and a sense of adventure to explore sound together.

Energy Exchange: $20 per person | Contact me directly for groups over 15